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Want to know how Spermomax can help you Produce more sperm by Naturally assisting your bodys reproductive system..?

Spermomax is capable of increasing sperm count and Spermatozoa motility by increasing overall sperm volume and speeding up the process of semen production. Spermomax can do all this because it includes both Asparagus Racemosus, and Asparagus adscendens.

Did you know? Asparagus contains unique compounds that are not found anywhere else in nature. Spermomax contains 2 rare types of Asparagus and Mucuna Pruriens. The herbal properties of these plants are known to aid the male reproductive system and improve male fertility for multiple reasons.

These three plants have compounds that have been studied and actually proven to increase the number of motile sperm a mans body produces, and these 3 herbs have all been shown in clinical studies to poses strong antioxidants and other proprieties that increase semen discharge, and can prevent damage to the spermatozoa.

Both types of Asparagus, and Mucuna P, have been studied in numerous medical trials and shown to increase fertility rates among men just as well as the leading synthetic products such as Clomiphene citrate. Which can be expensive, dangerous, and is only available with a doctors recommendation.

The effects of increased sperm production include an improvement in libido and sex drive. Not to mention confidence and as you already know. More satisfaction in the sack.

An increased amount of sperm production gives men more enjoyable and prolonged sensation during climax. Which is a feeling like no other, and one that no man should live a lifetime without experiencing at least once.

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